St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on BBC Choral Evensong

Today on BBC Radio 3, Choral Evensong comes live from St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.  I look forward to hearing the choir sing Palestrina’s Exultate Deo.  As always, I encourage you to visit the choir’s website, as well as that of St. George’s School to learn more about the choristers and how they are educated.  There is a wonderful video here about the choir.

As in the majority of choir schools throughout the world, St. George’s School educates many more children than the 24 choristers (in this case, the school educates approximately 400 students whom we in America consider to be in grade school and middle school.  For those of you working in parishes with a parochial school, please keep this arrangement in mind!  Enjoy!

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