Durufle’s Quatre Motets, Op. 10,

Here is a recording of Durufle’s Quatre Motets, Op. 10, sung by the Choir of St. John’s, Cambridge, under the direction of Dr. George Guest.  I thought I would share these after my post yesterday along with a couple of comments.  Firstly, Guest steered the sound of St. John’s in the direction of a more continental sound (healthy and expressive use of vibrato) which you can hear.  Secondly, in the beginning of the first motet, Ubi caritas, one hears the Gentlemen of the Choir by themselves.  Often one is so busy with the choristers that nary a thought is given to the Gentlemen of the Choir, especially since they traditionally only attend the full rehearsal.  Thirdly, text was primary with Guest, so listen to the way in the choir expresses the text, simply beautiful.  Enjoy!


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